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Portfolio Highlight: Museo del Prado Audio Guide

We have had the opportunity to work with the Museo National del Prado many times increasing accessibility for their international audience. The Museo del Prado is located in

central Madrid and serves as a major hub for art in Spain. The museum hosts fascinating exhibits covering a variety of periods, and focusing on often overlooked themes in art, such as “The Female Perspective.”

The Museo National del Prado consistently seeks out new research and updates its exhibitions to reflect these findings. We recently worked with the museum when they updated their Goya exhibition. This update was the result of research with the Fundación Botí beginning in 2014. To celebrate the work from this collaboration the museum planned an exhibition bringing together more than 100 of Goya’s drawings from Prado’s collection and other collections globally, titled “Solo la voluntad me sobra: Dibujos de Goya.”

In aid of this celebration, we translated the museum’s audio guide from Spanish into Italian. In this audio guide, we made sure to accurately translate “the ideas that recurrently appear in Goya’s work.”

In another project with the museum, we helped to highlight a unique pair in art, two female painters. While celebrating its Bicentennial, the Museo del Prado hosted “Sofonisba Anguissola and Lavinia Fontana: A Tale of Two Women Painters.” This exhibition was innovative and brought together works from two of the 16th century’s most notable female artists.

Often overlooked by traditional scholarship and exhibitions, the Prado’s exhibition featured “a total of 65 works, including 56 paintings, loaned from more than 20 European and American collections.” We were incredibly excited to work with the museum on this ground-breaking exhibition and increase their audience by translating the audio guide from Spanish into English.


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