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Portfolio Highlight: Cultural Tourism, Lugano, Switzerland

To help feature the variety of offerings and projects, for this portfolio highlight we wanted to discuss a project we did with the Lugano tourism board in Switzerland. Lugano is a hidden gem in the south of Switzerland toward the Italian border. Surrounded by a unique combination of mountains, lakes, and other natural parks, Lugano is prepared to be one of the world’s most incredible tourist destinations.

In order to reach new status on the global radar, Lugano needed translations to help build their tourism industry. We were extremely excited to help with this undertaking. Initially, we focused on the translation of texts relating to sites the city felt would garner both cultural and artistic interest. Translations are vital to the growth of any city, both commercially and culturally. Lugano has incredible offerings they were not able to advertise or support properly as there was no linguistic support.

Some of the most fascinating offerings from Lugano and surrounding areas are the traditional village of Gandria, ancient olive trails, and Parco Ciani. Gandria is a traditional fishing village right outside of Lugano and is claimed as a “oasis of tranquility.”

In the middle of Gandria is a ceramics workshop known as the Ceramiche D’arte where artisans still make the goods following an ancient tradition.

Ancient olive trails form an incredibly beautiful trail through the city where hikers are sure to get an incredible view of the city’s incredible natural resources. Parco Ciani has been called “one of the most beautiful parks in Switzerland,” and certainly earns the name. Originally a private park to a noble family, the city of Lugano purchased the land to make it available to the public.

We were delighted that the city of Lugano’s Tourism Board reached out to us for translations that could make the city’s beauty accessible to more audiences. We translated texts about their impressive sites from Italian into English, Spanish, French, and German. With these translations the city is able to appeal and market to a far wider audience.


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