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Portfolio Highlight: Audio Guides for University of Oxford Museums

Updated: Apr 4

Founded in 1096, the University of Oxford is known worldwide for its prestigious academic reputation. The university also boasts many museums and libraries throughout the sprawling campus. Most of the museums contain discoveries from Oxford’s own scholars. The Ashmolean Museum hosts exhibitions of art and archeology and opened its doors in 1683. Its historical pieces span half a million years, including fascinating examples of Ancient Egypt. Their collection of art includes paintings, sculptures, and other claimed “treasures.”

Oxford’s world-renowned Museum of Natural History carries various natural- specimens and notable archives. Some of their most famous specimens are their remarkable fossils and discussions of the exhibitions behind the discovery. Oxford notes that the museum is still “home to a lively programme of research, teaching and events focused on the sciences of the natural environment.”

Other gems include the History of Science Museum, the Pitt Rivers Museum, and a multitude of academic libraries. With such international reach, the university paired with us to complete translations for all of their university museums. Oxford accepts visitors from all over the world, and their translations needed to reflect this. We are proud to have translated the original English into Italian, Spanish, Urdu, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, and Arabic. With such diverse offerings, it was a welcomed creative challenge to honor the source text and create the most accurate translation possible for all of the languages.


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