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Portfolio Highlight: City Now City Future, Museum of London

This portfolio highlight discusses a unique project that worked to translate a touring exhibition thereby increasing accessibility, as well as visitors. The Museum of London welcomed the touring exhibition “City Now, City Future.” Before hosting the exhibition the museum wanted to translate the show from English into French and create a dual- language exhibition that highlighted the intricacies of a city. We partnered with the museum to bring this idea to fruition.

The Museum of London described the exhibition as an “interactive dual language exhibition, spread across three of the museum’s galleries, focuses on how and why our cities are transforming, and what urban communities around the world are doing to improve cty life.” A true hybrid of ideas, this exhibit was created by the Paris-based Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. The museum dedicated a whole season to the exhibit and created “over a hundred events, exhibitions, creative commissions, talks and debates exploring urban change in London and around the world.”

The exhibition itself investigates fascinating ideas and has various sections that detail the incredible diversity of city life, the changes and similarities to cities of the past, and the unique advancements these hubs are a part of. We often accept cities as a part of daily life without giving real consideration to the cultural and societal ramification of these communities. The exhibition gives an honest look to the city's role in meeting new challenges, and highlights London’s own efforts to support its own local initiatives.The exhibit also addresses more practical aspects of city life, such as city planning and housing. This project was incredibly interesting as the museum’s season was all-encompassing and interactive. We were extremely glad that our translation allowed this traveling exhibition to be a dual-language endeavor and more properly honor life in a city.


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