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Portfolio Highlight: "Etruscans: Lord of Ancient Italy"

The Etruscan Civilization is a fascinating and proud part of Italian heritage. Modern archeologists still find evidence of the group’s skill and intelligence. In an effort to highlight this heritage, the Civic Archeological Museum of Bologna and the National Archeological Museum of Naples partnered with the Museum of Wu in Suzhou, China.

Displaying the Etruscans as the “Lords of Ancient Italy,” the exhibit itself consists of

332 objects that were chosen by the archaeological museums as items that contain both historical and artistic value. The curators also claim that these items helped to document the life of the Etruscans, giving viewers an inside look into the civilization. One of the exhibit's most famed items is two large bronze statues, as well as a famous bronze mirror still known as “patera cospiana.” This mirror is from the IV century BC, and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims it shows “the birth of an armed Athena from the brain of Tinia (the Etruscan Zeus).” Other incredible items include jewelry and funerary objects giving an insight into religious practices.

The Museum of Wu worked with historians and curators to create interactive aspects in order to truly engage visitors. This unique partnership was a part of the “Italy- China Year of Culture and Tourism 2022” initiative. It was incredibly successful. In fact, due to its success in China, the museum requested the exhibit be extended in order to allow more visitors during the Lunar New Year and Spring Festival. We are incredibly glad we were able to translate the exhibition from Italian into English and make its journey to China even more accessible and fruitful.


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