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Portfolio Highlight: Audio Guide Translation for the Porsche Museum

Over three million Porsche fanatics have made the pilgrimage to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, since its opening in 2009. Visitors come from around the world to experience all the museum has to offer. The website probably claims that “the past and future of the Porsche idea come together” in their headquarters.

There are three main areas of the museum including the exhibition, the company archive, and the museum workshop. The exhibition includes around 95 of the brand’s most notable vehicles including the 365, 550, 911, and 917. The museum seeks to be incredibly interactive giving new information to visitors at every turn. Over the course of the museum’s life, they have built up its car collection that sits within the exhibition. They have hundreds of cars including around 200 racing cars saluting their origins. The exhibition attempts to highlight the variety and technological innovation of the company by beautifully melding the past and future.

The museum also houses the Porsche archives. The archives boast over 2 kilometers worth of historical, social, and cultural documents relating to the company’s heritage. An especially talented team is dedicated to preserving the memory and history of the prestigious company.

Perhaps one of the most unique areas of the museum, a separate workshop highlights the impressive skills of Porsche’s most talented mechanics. The company’s private buyers can even bring classic cars to be restored by experts. Sitting behind a glass wall, visitors can look in and experience the inner workings of these historical cars.

With such vast offerings, it is easy to see how the museum has garnered millions of visitors from all over the world. To please their guests, Porsche has implemented a variety of tours to keep visitors informed and making the most of their time. Their original audio guide was created in German, reflective of their headquarters. To make their impressive tour even more accessible we translated their guide from German to Italian. Making sure the experience remained consistent and high quality was imperative while undertaking the translation.


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