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Portfolio Highlight: Audio Guide Translation for Big Bus London

Bright red double-decker buses have become one of the world’s most recognizable tourist destinations. Settled in over 20 of the largest metropolitan hubs, Big Bus has established itself as a worthwhile stop on travelers’ plans. Perhaps none of their tours is more notable than their London route.

The London sightseeing tour has a variety of options to appeal to all travelers. While their routes vary in length, the bus passes the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions. During any given year, London can receive up to 21 million tourists. With such an impressive number of visitors considering non-native speakers is incredibly important for growth.

Thankfully, most companies have multiple options to deliver fun historical and informative tours. One of the most popular options for tourists is pre-recorded commentary. Thinking of this new audience, Big Bus reached out to us to translate their London tours from English into Spanish, appealing to and approaching a new demographic. This pre-recorded commentary can also be used in other inputs, including on self-guided tours and through the mobile app. Some visitors even prefer a walking tour while utilizing the company’s translated resources. With so many new markets in major cities, we were happy to help provide translation services giving companies the tools to grow.

A unique challenge for this translation resulted from the playful nature of the English guide. There were many words, rhymes, and accents that did not have direct Spanish translations or equivalents. To keep the integrity and flavor of the original guide we had to become creative with solutions. We worked on original translations and made amusing storylines in tune with the original guide, while also making it applicable to a Spanish- speaking audience. We were able to successfully translate quotes, rhyming slang, and other play-on-words seamlessly.


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