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Trailblazers in the Art World: Camila Rosa

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the art and inspiration of Camila Rosa is as vibrant and textured as the city’s rich history and culture. Although she may not have grazed the consciousness of art historians and elite stateside, her work has been covered in many news outlets and publications such as The Today Show on NBC, Society 6 and Squarespace. Camille got her start in a grassroots collective, solidifying her stance on the representation of social justice in art, and has had the privilege of working with an array of notable clients and prestigious brands such as Adidas, Adobe, Nike, Instagram, Apple, Benefit Cosmetics, Spotify, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Why we love her: despite an impressive roster of influential brands and top clients, Camila uses her art to give voice to the forgotten and the underserved, and has made her personal hallmark to always reflect the societal inequities of her country and culture.

Major exhibitions of her work entitled Naturally Beautiful, curated by the All-Star Press Chicago, can be found in Chicago, Il at the Collective Exhibition. In addition, Risographomania, curated by Helio Press, can be viewed in Australia. Keep an eye out for her painted murals for commercial and personal projects as well.

To view a more comprehensive list and learn more about Camila Rosa, her work with clients, exhibits and publications, please refer to her website at About — Camila Rosa.

Photo © Courtesy of Murals — Camila Rosa

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