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Quirky Museums: Museum of Broadway

Resuming our series highlighting quirky museums around the world and putting the spotlight on Broadway, Theater District, New York City.

The Big Apple: bright lights, the city that never sleeps. With its world-renowned attractions such as Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, The Upper West Side, Harlem, the Fashion District, restaurants, and literary community, New York is one of the most iconic and culturally significant cities in not only in the American but the international arts and cultural community. Its museums are no exception to the rule. The quirky mix of fodder includes the Museum of Broadway named after the venerable theatrical institution that has called New York home since the late 1800s.

To the delight of celebrants of theater and fans alike, a new museum that chronicles the rich and unique history of Broadway is making its debut in New York City this year. The co-founders Julie Boardman-a Tony-winning theater producer and friend Diane Nicoletti -spearhead the new attraction, along with Ben West, a curator, and historian will open its doors at 145 West 45th Street in Times Square’s historical theater district in the heart of Manhattan. A community of traditional, non-traditional, visual, and graphic artists comprises the board of artistic directors shaping the theme of the museum; as well as dedicated theatre denizens including, career theater actors alike, who are all celebrated in this soon-to-become mainstay.

The inspiration for the museum draws upon a large cross-section of artists, creators, curators, and directors from the international arts community and diaspora, to give voice to Broadway’s rich and storied history that documents the art world’s community of artists, industry-breaking shows, social movements, and glass-shattering, record-breaking firsts.

The landmark will also feature displays including a Timeline that records significant events in the theater district’s history, along with a Map Room that documents the changing migration pattern of NYC: its theater district particularly- and its influence on tastes and affinities specifically. The Game Changers exhibit provides a history and an account of the most iconic productions whose impact and resonance can still be felt within the theater community and NYC at large.

Lastly, the museum’s offerings culminate in an installation entitled The Making of a Broadway Show, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the theater-making process with local productions, cast, and crew as well as all of the driving forces that collaborate to make a Broadway production into a hit show. Attendees will be able to peruse a gift shop with offerings of logo-themed merchandise such as tees, sweatshirts, a facemask, as well as logo merchandise of the Hirshfield X Costume collection; and a selection of curated fan art. Truly a quirky museum for the lighthearted and serious theater enthusiasts alike. Tickets are available via the website at Tickets ( and via email at Please note: Logo © Courtesy of Museum of Theater website.

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