Translation Solutions for the
Art & Culture Sectors

Our mission

We use the preferred style of communication of your museum/institution and work in a partnership with you to ensure that your message gets across exactly as it does in the original language.

We see ourselves as part of your communication team and want to help you achieve your goals of audience engagement.

Our translators have knowledge and experience in art translations and a cultural sensitivity.

This is highly important in art translation, as it differs greatly from commercial translation.
It is not just about language, it is about cultural references too. Translating literally only results in awkward texts that don’t accurately reflect the meaning of original texts.

A good translation is just as important as good writing.

If a lot of effort goes into creating your written material, you want to be able to keep the same quality and nuances in the translations.

Art & Culture Translated is a translation and language services’ company focused on the art and culture sectors. Our team of professional, native translators and linguists has over 10 years of experience in these sectors.

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